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Exhibition Partner

We are event and exhibition designer, builder and constructor.


Our team consists from professionals in their respective skills and abilities. From 3D Designers to Carpenters, you can expect the best results from us.


With scheduled project from project initiation until product delivery, we ensure to give you peace of mind.


We provide various options for constructing materials and finishing quality. Quality end product represent your brands, too.


So far, we had 0 working accident in our workshop and during installation process. 100% safety environment is our utmost priorities.

A few things we’re great at

We provide most of what your product’s or brand’s exhibitions required. Starting from conceptual designs, full or partial exhibition booths, stands, displays, both indoors and outdoors.
And yeah, we do interior design and furnishing, too!


We start from scratch, or modify your previous designs. Set up project expense and schedule.


We build ours or your designs, doesn’t matter. And you can give us a visit too in our workshop if you feel you need to be presence.


From delivery to product installation, we assure you to be punctual and time efficient, less worry on your side.


All our clients were happy, and we’re sure you will, too.

Our services

We serve a wide range of exhibitions and events necessities, for any scale, any form.


Indoor Booth, Outdoor Booth, Booth Interior, Booth Design, Booth Exterior, Booth Contractor, Booth Production, Produksi Booth, Booth Maintenance, Booth Rental, etc.

Stand & Display

Mall Stand, Pameran Mal, Display Produk, Product Display, Portable Knockdown,Mall Stand, Pameran Mal, Display Produk, Product Display, Portable Knockdown, Sales Counter, etc.

Backdrop & Backwall

Backdrop, Backwall, Press Conference Wall, Sticker, Wallpaper, Vinyl Sticker, Outdoor Vinyl, Partition, Table Counter, Stage, Stage Wall, Projection Wall, etc.

Are we who you’ve been looking for?


We are driven to give our client the best result, with support from our reliable crew and we keep in mind to deliver our products on-time with our production schedule.

PT. Rutraindo 

Outdoor Mega Booth, Construction Indonesia 2017

Samsung Gear S3

Indoor Booths, Backdrops, and Product Display
TSM, Bandung

Samsung Gear S3

Booth, Product Displays
Carrefour Hypermarket


Indoor Booth, Product Displays

PT. Rutraindo

Outdoor Mega Booth, Construction Indonesia 2015


InaCraft 2016, Jakarta


Backdrops, Displays, FFI 2015

PT. Multiguna

Indoor Mega Booth, Display, Interior
Hospitality Expo 2015

PT. Angkasa Pura II

Indoor Booth, Wall Display

Eztuglass Indonesia

Indoor Mega Booth, Display, Product Demo
IndoBuildTech 2017

Shure Audio

Wall Inlet, Product Display
Electronic City, SCBD

PT. PLN Disjaya

Indoor Booth
HUT PLN 2015

Our Clients

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